Start of a brand new era

Technical advances are probably taking place faster now than they’ve ever been over the more than 17 years since O&O tools began helping users work on Windows systems. Social networks, search engines, and mobile terminals are taking up more of our daily lives than anyone might have thought possible just 5 years ago. Microsoft, along with its Windows operating system, is generally considered among the losers in this new environment.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this development with great interest and can tell you we have not allowed the grass to grow under our feet. Within the structure of the O&O Group, we’ve established subsidiaries that though still involved with software, have gone off into different IT sectors. As a result, there’s been a dramatic increase in customer demand for porting – in large part custom-made – desktop programs into a web-app. From a technical standpoint, the benefits of doing this are obvious, especially in view of the minimal maintenance required from customers themselves since installation and corresponding updates no longer take place on workstation computers. Added to this is the transition related to useful platforms as well as the option of using the internet to access data at any given time, from anywhere around the world.

Based on our long-standing experience, we started thinking about O&O Syspectr two years ago. Why shouldn’t it be possible to use the internet for managing system tools as easily as we manage customer accounts? Why shouldn’t administrators have the option of using smart phones to keep them constantly informed about potential problems? And while we’re at it, why not manage the computers of friends and relatives remotely?

We were committed to answering these and even more questions with an emphatic “yes, of course!” The public had its first chance to see the results of efforts as we began beta testing in September 2013. But this is just the start of our journey because I’m convinced that with this concept, this vision, we’ve opened up a new world for PC users to easily manage their computers and avoid problems. We want to let you know about a hard disk that’s having trouble before (!) it breaks down and loses data. We want to show you software that’s no longer up to date so there’s no place for attack by malicious software. We’d also like to give you the option of helping friends or customers by using a remote desktop instead of having to physically be onsite.

Your support will help us to make our O&O Syspectr concept a solid reality! We need your suggestions and your feedback to find out exactly how you want to use the product. I promise that we’ll do everything possible to fulfill your expectations of both O&O Syspectr and our organization!

Thanks a lot for your great support over the past 17 years and for your interest in O&O Syspectr!

With best wishes from Berlin,

Olaf Kehrer is Managing Director of O&O Software GmbH and is responsible for product development. His focus is centered on developing new concepts for the system tools sector as well as in expanding and adapting existing product lines. Olaf Kehrer was one of the founders of O&O Software GmbH in 1997 and has played a primary role in developing O&O products. Even today, he stands at the very center of their further development and remains dedicated to the goal of creating the best possible products for O&O customers. He has also published white papers on the subject of "Data Data Everywhere". These papers analyzed the handling of obsolete and discarded hard disks and their undeleted data. Olaf Kehrer studied at the Technical University Berlin and has a diploma in Computer Science.