NEW! O&O SafeErase 18: The ultimate protection of confidential Company Data!

Your confidential documents can easily fall into the wrong hands when you sell, give away or dispose of your old PC, servers or hard drives. Identity theft is now a widespread security threat. This is because clicking on “Delete” does not mean your files are permanently deleted. Even formatting the hard disk is not enough to permanently delete data!

Do not risk your confidential data!

O&O SafeErase permanently deletes your confidential files using recognized methods so that a recovery is never possible, not even when using the best file recovery software. It also deletes all your internet history so that nobody will be able to detect your Internet traces and your online accounts are protected from data thieves or hackers. Your company’s servers are the places where all internal information such as customer data and the figures for the sales and bookkeeping departments are gathered. That also goes for the backups containing vital information collected over years. If you ever decide to replace a single disk or an entire server with a new one, the information contained on your old material can quickly turn into a major security risk.

Protect yourself by letting O&O SafeErase permanently delete your worn out disks using scientifically recognized methods. There are a total of six deletion methods available to you, each one offering its own special type of deletion and level of security.

Securely erase an entire computer or server

Deleting the entire computer allows you to permanently delete all confidential files before you dispose of, sell, or give your computer away. All files, settings, applications and the operating system itself are deleted so that a file recovery is impossible. You can be sure that nobody will ever restore your confidential information and misuse it, protecting yourself against identity theft. With O&O SafeErase you can even delete your entire computer without a start medium (e.g. a Boot CD).

Six methods for your security

Choose from six different deletion methods depending on your needs. The methods of deletion differ in their number of runs and the overwrite process itself. Besides standardized deletion methods used by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) you can choose a complex mathematical method (Gutmann-Method), which is in line with the highest security requirements.

Use O&O SafeErase without prior installation

If you want to use O&O SafeErase on multiple computers and servers, we recommend the bootable O&O SafeErase Admin Edition. This is licensed personally to a system administrator and may be used on all computers within the company where this admin possesses the necessary permissions.

In the event you wish to offer secure data deletion as part of your IT services, the bootable O&O SafeErase Tech Edition is just right for you. The Tech Edition is licensed for use as part of a company’s external service providing. It is licensed per technician who may then use this license to delete data on an unlimited number of computers.

As a result of the O&O SafeErase Admin Edition and O&O SafeErase Tech Edition bootable media running under Windows PE, there’s not even any need for a working Windows environment.

New and enhanced in Version 18

  • NEW: Performance optimiert
  • NEW: Support for the latest Browser versions

Jim Harrison has a very broad sales and account management background, having previously been employed by various international companies in both senior sales and customer service roles. He joined O&O Software in March, 2006 in a sales and localization capacity, and having quickly recognized the potential for O&O Software worldwide, he was appointed Director of Sales International in 2008. Jim and his team focus on developing long-term, strategic partnerships in order to bring the O&O brand and product range to more and more international markets. Developing primarily the European, North American and Asian markets, his aim is quite clear: to have an O&O product installed on every computer, worldwide!