NEW: O&O Defrag 28! With Bitlocker Support, Check & Repair enhancement and Remote Control!

The new O&O Defrag 28 Professional Edition is out now with some impressive new features.

Our new O&O Defrag 28 is now available!

Optimizing your computer not only means it operates at optimum speed and efficiency, it also means it will live longer. Deploying O&O Defrag saves you time through increased speed, and money through decreased wear and tear on your hardware. We have further improved O&O Defrag for you with some great new features. The new O&O Defrag 28 now includes new, unique features to keep your PC like new.

NEW: O&O IntensiveOptimize: Bitlocker Support

Brand new in O&O Defrag 28 is the integration of BitLocker in O&O IntensiveOptimize. This makes it possible to process the BitLocker-encrypted system partition transparently. This is independent of the security medium used for BitLocker encryption.

NEW: Check & Repair for Recovery Environments

Check and repair of the Windows rescue environment: A rescue environment is essential for both a functioning Windows and Defrag IntensiveOptimize. Over time, through many or incorrect updates, it can become damaged. Therefore, Check&Repair has been expanded so that the Windows rescue environment works like it did on day one.

Control O&O Defrag on all your machines remotely!

Unlock the full potential of your computer environment, large or small, with the integration of O&O Defrag Professional Edition in O&O Syspectr, the comprehensive Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software! This powerful combination brings you the unparalleled ability to optimize, speed up, and extend the lifespan of computers across your network—all remotely, from anywhere, at any time. With O&O Defrag Professional Edition now part of O&O Syspectr, you gain access to cutting-edge defragmentation technology that ensures peak performance and reliability for all your systems. Whether you’re managing a few computers or an extensive IT landscape, this integration provides a seamless, efficient, and effective way to maintain system health, enhance performance and reduce risk, without ever needing to be there!

Take advantage of our special offer for a limited time only: Get a yearly license of O&O Syspectr worth from €20 per PC free when you purchase the new O&O Defrag 28! Grab the offer now!

The number one cause of slow PCs

The Problem: Every file system is fragmented. This means that over time, files will no longer be filed consecutively but, instead, be scattered across the computer’s entire storage area, slowing down access to these files. This problem doesn’t just apply to hard disks but to SSDs as well. Over the course of time SSDs save file fragments over more memory cells than are necessary. This, in turn, leads to a continuous slowing down of the read and write processes, just as we experience on hard disks.

The Solution: With O&O Defrag 28 takes system optimization to another level. You can simply install the program and let it do its work. It will intelligently carry out whatever is needed on your PC on its own. O&O Defrag 28 will configure and run all settings automatically, according to the specific requirements of your system. Maximum performance practically out of the can.

Version 28 for automatic speed and monitoring! And should you wish you can of course manually setup, configure and schedule the optimization of your system yourself.

New features at a glance

  • New: Support for Bitlocker
  • New: Check & Repair of your Recovery Environment
  • Enhanced: Integration in O&O Syspectr for Remote Control

Try and Buy!

Don’t just take our word for it! Grab your copy now in our Online Shop, or alternatively test it for 30 days now on your current Windows system – free of charge and obligation.

Here’s what some happy customers are saying about O&O Defrag:

We have been using O&O Defrag now for many years and are very satisfied, not just with the software but also the support we receive.”
Ralf Linka, Horváth & Partners

Only O&O Defrag Server is able to defrag these enormous, sometimes 400 GB files. All other products we tried simply couldn’t do it.”
Scott Brown, SMI.

Jim Harrison has a very broad sales and account management background, having previously been employed by various international companies in both senior sales and customer service roles. He joined O&O Software in March, 2006 in a sales and localization capacity, and having quickly recognized the potential for O&O Software worldwide, he was appointed Director of Sales International in 2008. Jim and his team focus on developing long-term, strategic partnerships in order to bring the O&O brand and product range to more and more international markets. Developing primarily the European, North American and Asian markets, his aim is quite clear: to have an O&O product installed on every computer, worldwide!