O&O SafeErase 8 – New yet still supports XP

It’s the end of September 2014. Windows 10 is just around the corner. Why then release a product that still supports Windows XP? The operating system for which Microsoft officially ended all support on April 8, 2014. The very system that will no longer be updated and whose use Microsoft declares to be very risky. That’s exactly … Read more

O&O Defrag 18 – made simple

Feedback from our customers is crucial As we were deciding which new functions should be integrated into the new version 18 of O&O Defrag we took a long, hard look at the feedback gathered over the years from our customers. And the bottom line was this: nothing was missing! This in itself did not come … Read more

O&O Defrag turns 18 – and goes hybrid

What is the “Cloud”? The Cloud is actually nothing more than a relatively new word used to describe a technology that we have been using for years: a provider offers computer performance and/or storage space over the internet. Services such as e-mail or document management can also be offered in this way. So services such … Read more

Major update in O&O Syspectr

We have for instance expanded and optimized the server infrastructure, and the network communication between the client and our data center has been vastly improved. We have also carried out a major update to the client itself, reducing it’s memory use by 60% and achieving a performance factor of 2-4 (depending on the modules loaded). … Read more