Installation now even easier and quicker

As a result of feedback from our users, we have fundamentally overhauled the installation program for O&O Syspectr. Until now the start routine called up several programs and certain components from these were installed one after the other, independent of O&O Syspectr. We have now packed these together under one common interface so that all … Read more

Current system status now available on the Web

O&O Syspectr had a slight case of the hiccups last week which manifested itself in sporadic timeouts of the web application. We have located and fixed this issue and are currently optimizing the entire performance of our system. Frankly, we did not expect such a large number of users and machines in such a short … Read more

Software Inventory now available in O&O Syspectr

Today we rolled out the first version of our Software Inventory in O&O Syspectr. The module “Software” is available for all users with immediate effect and will be automatically added to user accounts free of charge. It identifies installed software, the version and further information about installed products. O&O Syspectr can, on request, inform users … Read more