Best Wishes for 2014

  On behalf our our entire team, I’d like to wish you all the best for 2014! Let me start by thanking you for your support, especially for your support and feedback concerning the development of O&O Syspectr. 2013 was only the beginning for our new product and we have a whole lot more planned for the … Read more

Brand new user interface

We’re currently preparing a total revision of the user interface, one that’ll make O&O Syspectr even more intuitive and easier to use.  We’re also getting O&O Syspectr ready for some new features that are on their way. Although we were originally planning to make these changes at some point in the coming year, feedback from … Read more

Installation now even easier and quicker

As a result of feedback from our users, we have fundamentally overhauled the installation program for O&O Syspectr. Until now the start routine called up several programs and certain components from these were installed one after the other, independent of O&O Syspectr. We have now packed these together under one common interface so that all … Read more

Current system status now available on the Web

O&O Syspectr had a slight case of the hiccups last week which manifested itself in sporadic timeouts of the web application. We have located and fixed this issue and are currently optimizing the entire performance of our system. Frankly, we did not expect such a large number of users and machines in such a short … Read more

Software Inventory now available in O&O Syspectr

Today we rolled out the first version of our Software Inventory in O&O Syspectr. The module “Software” is available for all users with immediate effect and will be automatically added to user accounts free of charge. It identifies installed software, the version and further information about installed products. O&O Syspectr can, on request, inform users … Read more

Beta ends soon!

The Beta phase of O&O Syspectr will soon come to an end. In order to prepare for the release we will carry out a so-called “Wipe”. This entails deleting all historical process data from the computers concerned. The user accounts and computers remain entirely valid. This will have the effect of creating a new procedure … Read more

O&O DiskImage rebuilds a server after a crash!

Have you lost data already this year?

O&O DiskImage
O&O DiskImage

It is vital for all companies that they save their electronic data. If it is lost, it is not just customer data or financial data that go, but business relationships are also destroyed. Would you like to have to ask your customers or suppliers again for their data? And at the same time be forced to confess that you were sadly not careful enough with use of their data? This is certainly not what your business partners want to hear, and they would justifiably reconsider their relationship with you, or simply terminate it.

So in fact the question should really be: why would I not need O&O DiskImage? Unless a company really saves no data electronically, then there is no answer to this question! And the O&O DiskImage story does not end there. Read on to find out why our customer Coffeesmiths in the United States has opted for O&O over the competition, and how O&O DiskImage came to their rescue!

O&O DiskImage rebuilds Servers after a crash

Creating images of entire servers and desktops and backups of important files is now one of the standard measures currently taken by administrators to protect their data and system configurations. O&O DiskImage takes this once step further by providing features that make the job of an Administrator significantly easier. Scripting, for example, turned out to be exactly what Coffeesmiths were looking for:

“The scripting functions within DI allow me to copy the files from week to week before the full weekly image is created.”

Coffeesmiths found out the hard way just why O&O DiskImage is becoming the de facto choice for many small to medium-sized businesses. The ability to restore an entire system or server, including the operating system, not only gets a business back up and running quickly to avoid downtime but also means that a company does not have to purchase replacement hardware after a crash.

Why not let our customer convince you!

Coffesmiths has three point-of-sale computers, one in each location, and needed a backup solution that could secure the data from each computer to an external server held offsite at their business HQ. Not only did they need this process to be automated and simple, but they also needed the ability to backup separate weekly data in separate directories.

“I have used DI to rebuild my server after a crash as well as pull off old files. The ability to mount an image as a drive is useful in data recovery as well.” You can read the success story from Coffeesmiths in its entirety right here!

Try or buy O&O DiskImage

If you would like to test or purchase O&O DiskImage then simply visit our website or send us an e-mail – we are always delighted to help!  O&O DiskImage is also a main component of O&O Complete Protection, our data protection solution for the entire lifecycle of your IT environment!

Read more

Public Beta of O&O Syspectr begins!

Effective immediately, you can now register entirely free of charge and obligation for the Public Beta of O&O Syspectr!  In recent weeks, we have tested the system with selected participants intensively and made ​​many changes and improvements as a direct result of feedback received.  I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all … Read more

O&O DriveLED now integrated into O&O Syspectr Beta

The O&O Syspectr version 1.0.2512 being released today introduces a number of revisions. The majority of these revisions are a direct result of feedback sent to us from our beta testers, to whom we wish to express our deepest gratitude. As the first of our well-known tools for Windows, we’ve integrated O&O DriveLED into this … Read more

“Prism” and data protection: Your questions answered

Concerned customers Recent world events have focused everyone very sharply on the topic of data security. I refer here to the “Prism” program from the NSA in the USA. Revelations regarding the interception and reading of private mails, phone calls and videos shocked the general public. It was then revealed that this practice had also … Read more

O&O Syspectr Beta released today

Today we launch the beta of our new application “O&O Syspectr”. What is this software? O&O Syspectr is intended to help users to detect problems early on computers before they actually become a real problem. That is why our slogan is “Spot problems before they hurt”- in my opinion this sums up the core function … Read more